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Hold dig opdateret med livestream-planer, kommende video- og fotooptagelser.  Meet-n-Greets ved lokale konferencer, og der sker bare nye og spændende ting her på Panda's Playground.

Earn Free Cam Time!

You can now earn one FREE 3-minute Video chat a week by ranking up in the Panda's Playground Discord server.   Rank up by being active in the server.  Come join us!

New Methods of Payment Accepted!

We are finally growing our ability to accept more forms of payment.  While we work on adding credit cards to the site, you can use PayPal as a guest and still use Credit/Debit. You do not need an account.


Use the tag $PandaMoaniumsPlay



Use tag @NarcolepticPanda


Email for details.


Include a note with CashApp or Venmo payments stating "For PMPG, [your plan or item purchased], and [email used on site]." Please be aware this does not give you instant access as I am one person and have to add you in manually. Please give me 24 hours. If in 24 hours you have not received access, please use the site messenger or email to let me know you paid.

July News

July has brought a new Subscriber Gallery.  Photos and videos are getting posted more regularly.  Working towards having a real schedule.  YouTube Sex Toy Reviews are becoming a regular occurrence.  There are a bunch recorded, waiting to be edited.  Hoping to get blogs coming back daily by months end.

Postponed: Popping Porn Cherry

July 2, 2022, I will be:

1.  Having Sex with a Man for the 1st time in seven years.

2. Popping my porn film cherry.


July: Last Month of Reduced Rates

Starting on August 1, prices on all services will go back to being full price.  Act now to take advantage of these specials!  Prices are reflected on the website.

Panty & Toy Auctions

Starting 7/1/2022 at 1 p.m. PST/ 4 p.m. EST, we are doing weekly auctions of Items that I use in a video and photo shoots.  These auctions take place on the Playground's Discord Server in the #auctions channel. A minimum starting bid is preset to cover shipping costs.


Sex Toy Reviews on YouTube

Hey Everyone!  I have started reviewing sex toys for my YouTube Channel.


Please Like and Subscribe!

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April 12, 2020- Life Changes Dramatically

If you have been wondering what happened with Panda's Playground over the last few months, I got Late January/Early February.  We thought it was Covid, but it wasn't... Covid came later.  Then, as I started to do better, on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, I was woken from a sound sleep by my wife yelling "FIRE!" I did't even have time to grab clothes.  As I tried to escape, the hall was engulfed in flames and smoke.  I ran back to the bedroom, and climbed out the window.  It was a total loss.  I tried making updates using my phone app, but it wasn't saving changes.  I was just finally able to replace by laptop.  Already, I have made a lot of updates.  Please check it out!



Panda Moanium's Playground tilbyder nu en ny abonnementspakke til hendes blog.  Det er kun $5, og du vil modtage en gratis 3-dages prøveperiode.  Du kan annullere dit abonnement når som helst i løbet af disse tre dage og vil ikke blive opkrævet $5.

WIN_20210718_19_25_17_Pro (3)_edited.jpg

Gratis lingeri-streams på Instagram.

Interesseret i Panda's Playground, men ikke sikker på at købe et abonnement?  Slut dig til os for vores "for det meste" daglige lingeri webcam-streams.  Denne tamme version af VIP og private streams vil give dig en lille smagsprøve på, hvad der tilbydes.  Nogle gange snakker vi bare.  Nogle gange arbejder Panda i lingeri, mens han chatter med dig.  Nogle gange driller hun lidt.  Alt afhænger af hendes humør og selskabet.  Ting går aldrig ud over en PG-13 rating.  For freebies holder vi det gerne tæt på PG, da det er på Instagram.

selfiecamera_2021-07-12-16-04-51-180 (1)_edited.jpg

VIP-streams på Discord

For dem, der har købt VIP-medlemskaber, får du adgang til de "næsten" daglige livestreams på Discord.  Disse er en mere fræk og optrappet version af lingeri-shows.  Lush 3 kommer måske ud.  Andet legetøj kan debutere.  Tøj vil helt sikkert komme af. Dette er den store fordel ved VIP-medlemskabet.  Du får disse streams ud over alt det andet indhold.

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